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Created 17-Dec-14
14 videos

I am excited to be offering a unique exhibit to galleries and museums. Titled “Pictures at an Exhibition Revisited.” This multimedia exhibition pairs 14 striking photographs with an original musical piece composed specifically to accompany each image.

The exhibit is as a modern version of “Pictures at an Exhibition," a piano suite in ten movements composed in 1874 by Modest Mussorgsky. The suite was later orchestrated by Maurice Ravel the composer of “Boléro". “Pictures at an Exhibition” is a recognized standard performed by major orchestras worldwide.

“Pictures and an Exhibition Revisited” weaves together images and musical pieces that include Palomino Falls, Twirl and Swirl, Festival Queen, Linda, Girls will be Girls, Madonna in the Clouds, Brothers, You Women Who Carry Heavy Burdens, Portuguese Woman, Rowdy, Truck Girl, Youth, Belly Dancers, Goodbye My Sweetheart Hello Vietnam, and Blue Ridge Reflecting Pond.

Kindly contact me if you would like to include this exhibit in your gallery or museum schedule.